We bring capital & creators


Rhythmic Capital fuels the next generation of big ideas.

Explore our portfolio of exceptional private investments. At Rhythmic Capital, we identify companies that fit our culture – the innovators, the inventors, and the industry disruptors. Then we connect them with the capital they need to fund their dream.

Growth is the key.

So is streamlining day-to-day operational activities.

At Rhythmic Capital, we make sure you can focus on strategic oversight. As transparency demands increase and regulation governing newer industries, such as fintech, e-commerce and SaaS, continues to evolve, it’s crucial that your fund operations are smooth, efficient, and manageable.

We have a record of success.

Rhythmic Ventures represents the tip of the spear. We have the invitation to numerous Seed Round Investments and welcome the opportunity to see if one – or more – is right for you.